Setting Off

This all started because of Mailanka’s GURPS Psi-Wars blog.

Give that a look: it’s well worth your time to see him iterate a set of rules and a setting for something almost, but not quite, clearly a Star Wars knockoff – and his essay on why he isn’t converting Star Wars but rather creating his own (as it turns out, extremely interesting!) setting is so well put and eloquent that I’m just going to link to it because I can’t improve on it.

Now, I’ve had a homebrew setting for years that I’ve wanted to elaborate on, which started life as a Mekton Zeta game.  And it worked decently for that, don’t get me wrong!  I have a lot of fond memories of that game.

It’s just, you know, I was… god, I was 16 when I ran that.  I’m 32 next month.  It’s not just that it was 16-year-old otaku-phase silly in only the way Mekton Zeta games can be; it’s that I’ve grown up, read more, seen more, played more.  I’m a better GM and a better person with better tastes now that I’m twice the age I was when I first ran “Dragonslayer Wing.”

I’ve grown up, I want to make my own setting and a flexible campaign framework for it, and I’d like to make it good enough that it’s useful, perhaps even salable, to other players.

So this blog will be my chronicles of that design process.  Why I’m going with what Mailanka called the “heroic starship captain and crew” genre of sci-fi exemplified by the likes of Star Trek, Mass Effect, and Roddenberry’s Andromeda.  What other influences I’m using, and why.  Why I chose Fate Core for the main rules, what other systems I considered, and what rules I’m adding to properly capture the feel I’m going for.  How the setting is made to shape interesting play, and what I’m doing to prevent it from crushing the game under the weight of it’s own canon.

In short, this blog will be all about how the Terran Confederation came to be, and why I want you to join the Space Force.  Why it needs you to discover and study exotic unknown planets; to discover, preserve and protect new alien species, new alien cultures; to re-establish contact with the worlds on the edge of the Frontier, and to blaze a trail for new settlements to come; to defend Humanity and her allies from the aggression of those hostile to its ambitions and its way of life.

All in return for chance to get off planet and with generous compensation and amenities (and optional remittances to Homeworld).

Per ardua, ad astra incognita.  Welcome to the Terran Confederation Space Force.


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